Sunday, July 20, 2003

The Kobe Bryant Case Files

The Kobe Bryant story has 2140 disparate perspectives and opinions. (Google! News found 2140 stories related to the one I just read) In a country where the First Amendment secured the Free Press, I believe that journalism has gone awry. No time is wasted in scrutinizing the life of a person, especially a celebrity, to rake up the ratings and get the extra set of eyeballs believing what is, a most subjective opinion. One of the more pithy headlines reads - "Kobe Image Hit" - it makes me wonder about the connection behind Kobe's genius on the court and his off-court mannerisms. The media wastes no time in raising a bestowing iconic status on a mere mortal and likewise, doesn't think twice before engaging in a public dress-down of the very icon it created. I'll leave you with this piece of innuendo - Is this Laker a Faker? Only a trial will tell - and let you decide in your head what your feelings towards Kobe are... In the midst of this scandal, it amazes me how some analysts are already scratching their heads and crunching the numbers on how much Kobe stands to lose financially - ahh, the sweet scent of capitalism!

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