Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Another Day Goes by

I don't have to record the time or date of an update anymore, blogger keeps track of what I type, when. Kinda like big brother watching - the onset of paranoia - and it's hard to hide! Today's been a pretty eventful day, the highlight being Ultimate Frisbee in the evening with Vishal and a bunch of people I'd never met before. You'd wonder how running up and down for nearly 2 hours can be fun (it's more like death isn't it), but oh well, that's working out for you in a nutshell :) I might be influencing those reading this update into believing that working out isn't for them - that isn't the point I'm trying to convey - seriously, the endorphine rush that working out gives you is unparalleled.

I've been slacking at work this week, though I have one project to complete but procastrination is getting the better of me. I'm a little tired from the grind, actually, I'm trying to create a good balance between work and play. Right now, the scales are tipped heavily in favour of play, as they were tipped in favour of work for the last 3 months - now isn't that BALANCE?

The MAtkins diet - Manoj's twist on the Atkins phenom

I've embarked on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet since this Monday. It's tough, honestly - I can't eat most everything, especially given the fact that I'm vegetarian. I wish there was a switch that I could flip to alternate between being a vegetarian and non. Alas, there isn't - so I can't ever do with just 20g of carbs - but I'm doing my bit. It's too soon to notice any difference in physical appearance but I've already noticed some psychological changes - I'm crabby, a little low on energy and mercurial - serious sugar withdrawl symptoms.

What I thrive on

- Milk: Can't live without it
- Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
- Flax Protein Cereal: 3g of Carbs
- Atkins Protein Bars: 21g of Protein, my pick: Pralines 'n Cream
- Lentils: all types
- Cheese: Pepper Jack, Low Fat Sharp Cheddar, String Mozzarella
- Everything Soy: Nuts, Whey Protein, Milk (it's not even White), Tofu
- Atkins Protein Shakes
- Peanut Butter - Trader Joe's Crunchy Unsalted

Absolute NO-NOs

Sugar, Bread, Rice, Flour Products, Pasta, Kelloggs, Donuts and everything else on this earth - no more cakes, pastries, milk shakes (yumm)

The Ultimate Goal - being in top physical condition for Squash Nationals next March - I don't know if my will power is gonna take me through, but this is a great test... Besides, I have company, a bunch of my friends are doing the diet with me, so I know where to turn for motivation! You calling me an Atkins sellout yet?? Yo, it works - my dad is living proof and I'm sold on it... :)

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