Thursday, July 24, 2003

East Coast, I'm here

And it's hot and grimy in small itme New Brunswick, NJ. What I did since I arrived this morning - vegetated, slept, ate a tonna carbs :) I'm on vacation and I didn't even bring my work out shoes - woohoo!!

Wound up most of the work I needed to complete but as is the nature of work, some things still need to be done. I thought I'd do them while I was here but that possibility is very REMOTE. I'm here to have a good time and nothing can stop me now :) I do need to study a bit though, I'll accomplish that in the time off from partyin', chillin', eatin', drinkin', droolin', babe-watchin', yada yada yada! Anyone want nething from the East Coast yo?!

Chandk rulez - he's no more the wiry boy of yore, he's got some weight to back up the height. And he's as crazy as ever. The weekend looks good; drive to DC, hang in Jersey, listen to PIMP and eat the roti - me trying my hand at rhyming - what can I say, Ck's tarnished me with hip-hop - Now, there is no turning back.

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