Sunday, August 07, 2005


Did I actually accomplish anything today? I was awake for a good portion of today - so it wasn't lost to sleep. Lost isn't the right word to use here because I don't consider today to be a wasted day. When I was thinking of a title, no one event that occurred today warranted becoming a TITLE. But the little, inconsequential details made my day.

Karan called at 9:15 this morning to inform me that I had to be at work by 10 to attend a conference call. I was awake before Noon on a Saturday - deaaamn! And ever since, this whole day has been different. Good different! I actually got work done today - a whole lot of work: written code, debugged test issues, installed builds, run tests, read specs, filed bugs and thought of how to improve our methods. I was so busy this morning that when I eventually pulled myself out of the office to get lunch, it was close to three in the afternoon. And for the first time in months, I went to a restaurant alone and ate lunch!

Actually, I wasn't alone... I ate a TPP parantha at Preets with dahi and a strawberry milk-shake. Manpreet stopped by time and again to check on me; "Is the food okay?", "Do you like the milk-shake?", "It's not politically correct to call her a whitey!". It's like eating at home if you ask me. I love the place especially since the food actually tastes authentic.

Got back to work after lunch and worked with the rest of the team on more issues related to our RI. The strawberry shake was really not what the doctor ordered because the sugar made me go into overdrive for nearly an hour. I couldn't sit in one place, had to walk around all the time so I decided to turn on some music and do tasks that didn't require 100% concentration. Just as the sugar high abated, Karan stopped by, popped open a new can of balls and we went out and played some cricket :)

I played tennis at the club without a negative thought in my mind. I had put in a good day's work and created a template for what I hope will be more days at work for me. As I type this, a sense of accomplishment is buzzing through my head. Another test pass and Donna and I are out of here. Aahh, Sunday cometh...

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