Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Days Go By and Still I think of

When it will be Friday... I'm going to make time tomorrow to finish all review related work so I can thoroughly enjoy the upcoming long weekend. After living in Seattle for three years, I've learnt that Labour Day Weekend is the unofficially the last weekend of Summer in Seattle. Come September and the Rain Gods shower their generosity over the Pacific North-west. Aah, so exciting!

Gmail has definitely changed the way I communicate via email. Oh wait, I don't actually use gmail to communicate, I use it to share files with my brother :) Nikhil has branched out with his music interests and has slowly amassed a sizable collection of eclectic and main-stream music. One of my current favourites is a remix of the song Madan by Salif Keita; a fusion of native african tribal beats and trance that makes me want to get up and groove everytime I listen to the song. Thanks Nikhil, keep the music coming my way...

Time to send out some more email before I head home. Peace out

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  1. Its weird, coz of I was thinking of the same song!!!