Thursday, August 18, 2005

Snow Lake Hike - I

<This post is dedicated to my friend Arun who doesn't use articles anymore in his communications with us FOBS.>

Most of us working in Windows division of Microsoft have been working very hard through June, July and August of 2005. Longhorn is definitely shaping up into worthy competitor of other OSes on market. But the long hours at work are taking toll on us and I definitely needed a break from the action. Which was just about the time that Arun couldn't go to Mount Rainier with his friends this past Saturday - he was too tired from working all week. So, he decided instead to organize hiking trip to Snow Lake on Sunday.

We met up outside Bldg 26 at a little after 10 on Sunday morning. I knew that things would happen according to Indian Standard Time and for once, I was glad that things were moving at leisurely pace. We bought some snacks, drank coffee, picked up Purvie and Payal (henceforth to be referred to as "The Girls") and were on our way around 12:15 that afternoon. And then, we got pulled over by cop!!

Arun, our trusted driver, was doing 35 in a 25 mph zone. It would've been interesting had he got ticket but instead, he was offered a lecture by the cop. For once, I was glad Arun didn't make smart comment to cop! After the brief lecture and warning, you might be fooled into thinking Arun didn't speed the rest of the day. Five minutes after being pulled over, our man was speeding again - it's in his system now, he's a pathological speeder.

An hour later, we stood at the foot of hill(s) we were about to climb. Four miles was what we had to set out to do each way but before anything else, we needed to use rest-room, just as precaution. Bad idea I say! The loo reeked; it was just a hole in the ground and you could see whatever had been put in it. Everyone who used the loo walked out with a look of total disgust on their face. Ayyp...

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