Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This trip is behind me

When you meet your inner child, don't cry
Tell it everything is going to be alright...

I met my inner child this time around in Bombay and rather than eschewing its existence, I embraced it with open arms. I am back at Heathrow International, whiling the hours away till I have to board the plane home. Home is in a different city this time around, cities so different from one another that you would consider it unthinkable to confuse the two. On one side of the planet, ther is family and on the other, there is work and freedom. Will there ever be a convergence?

This last trip to India was extremely hectic and sadly, stressful. That the human element made and broke this trip isn't a complete surprise; my continued run of bad luck compounded by poor decision-making certainly is. I now fathom what the captain of a fielding side must go through when every decision he makes on the field seems to work against him. Not one to believe in kismet and fate, I couldn't help but cower to the "logic" that there was an outside hand in my run of misfortune. This might explain why I was at the airport three hours in advance of the scheduled departure of my return flight - I wasn't leaving anything to chance!

After all the shenanigans of the 9th, the trip's nadir had been located. Missing Gaurav's wedding day and spending it instead within the confines of New Delhi airport was a real downer. The only thing left for me to do was to maximise the rest of my sojourn in Bombay and in my own way, that's exactly what I did. I chose who I wanted to spend time with and didn't waver from my list - dined with the newly weds, met Vishy, hung with the extended family, lounged with Gundapps and spent as much time as I could with Nikhil. In other words, I avoided every potential source of negative energy like the plague and with good reason - the cup of negative energy brimmeth over, it didn't need another source pouring into it!

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