Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Visa Deal - A Post Mortem

The more I think about this, the more I realize that all that preoccupation/stress/tension (whatever you call it) and negative energy that I exposed myself to vis a vis the Visa Stamping was all for nothing. The situation definitely wasn't insurmountable and it would have behooved me to be calm to determine a course of action that ensured I got back to the US in time. I had the right ideas - neither was delaying my flight impossible nor was the expense to go to Delhi prohibitive. Why then was I so preoccupied with the thought of getting this under control, so much so that I flipped out a couple times? There is a lesson in all of this for me and that is to be calm no matter what the circumstance. It is only when I am calm that I come up with the best ideas to fix my problems. Besides, if all it takes is money to relieve stress, I am down to spend it...


  1. So did you get you get your visa? Or are you still stuck?

  2. So, I might be able to see you after all!