Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jordin Sparks? Blake Lewis?

After tonight's performances, there is no question in my mind about who should be the next American Idol, neither should there be one in the minds of the show's other viewers. Jordin Sparks is BOMB! I have rooted for her since I first started watching this show, and have voted for her over the last four weeks. This comment from Simon leaves little else to be said:
"Jordin, you *just* wiped the floor with Blake on that song."
In my opinion though, the singer with most range was Melinda Dolittle, who was booted off the show last week. That's a moot point though, so back to the current contestants. If Blake wins, it will establish the fact that American Idol is a popularity contest more than a singing competition, regardless of what Randy might want you to believe. Truth is, life is a popularity contest. So let it be with Caesar Idol.

This post reminds me of a similar conversation we had last night prior to watching the 24 Season finale. Rajit quashed our Google vs Live discussion with with the following cogent point:
"... it is not the better product that wins, it is the better marketed, and therefore more popular one, that is the eventual winner."
Who is the more popular one of the two in your opinion?

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