Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A weekend of no work

Small accomplishments, yes, that is what this blog chronicles. First the demo on Friday, and then a weekend of no working - a first since I joined the Zune org. How did I celebrate the weekend? Went to the most useless KUBE 93 Car show in Ghetto Tac and spent the rest of the evening hanging with Jyot and Mausaji. Watched a 24 Season 4 re-run on CW and passed out.

Interesting observation - I have generally been more tired these days than I used to be earlier. I don't know what to attribute this exhaustion to, but it has affected my workouts, and my general ability to get around. Maybe I am infected with the obesity epidemic; repeat after me - OBESITYYYY...

1 comment:

  1. I commented on the latest blog before I read this one. You went to WHAAAAAT?? Kube 93 car show???? What is wrong with you??? You are straight ghetttooooo!