Monday, May 28, 2007

Another Chapter Ends...

I move to my new address today. After having packed all weekend, I can safely say that I am mentally exhausted. The ordeal has just started - I am going to pick up the U-Haul in an hour, and my friends will be here within a few hours to help me move the big boxes, TV, couch and mattress. All the other stuff can be moved over the next couple days since my lease isn't up till the 31st.

There have been many changes in me since I moved into this apartment, many crazy events since September 2003; the most eventful has to be the time when I thought I lost my passport. Among other things, I cultivated a love for Art, started biking to work, serial dated and then took myself off the market for TOO long, sighed when I first noticed black turn gray, got myself a DVR, fell in and out of love more than once, and hosted two crazy parties. Am I emotional about moving out, hells yeah. Is it time to move out, double hells yeah!

Now, the moment to drive out and pick up my U-Haul has arrived. Here is to 17751, and all the memories I have of this place. Adios...

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  1. I will miss it tooo.... :(