Monday, June 18, 2007

A Quiet Weekend

After the high ridik factor of last weekend, this one started on a quiet note. I didn't get back from work on Friday till after 11pm, which eliminated any chance of going out that night. In recent times, I have limited my partying to special occasions - a friend's birthday, someone visiting Seattle, or me visiting another city.

Disgusted by the fact that I had lost my phone, I got down to the business of finding my old phone, and rummaging through my move boxes for tools to crack the phone open. Juggy stayed at home too, as did Saqib, so the three of us hung out, caught up on the week's activities, and I cracked my phone open. I slept late that night, but vowed to clean my room up the next morning, even if that meant not doing anything till I was done folding the clothes strewn all over the floor.

I spent most of Saturday cleaning up: I did some chores, cleaned my car, and bought some tools to fix up the busted things I could fix. The shoe glue has fixed my ripped sandals, the screw-driver set was used to fix my old phone, and I finally figured out how to get rid of the intermittent "Brake Light Circuit" message that my car's computer throws. Juggy drove me around in his "new" old BMW as I knocked items off my list, and we ended the evening with dinner at Kanishka.

Two rotis were one too many; the first real meal of the day, and I was hungry. The meal was a fitting reward for a week spent working hard, and working out every day. Despite my best intentions, things just haven't worked out for me. Since there is no point dwelling on the days gone by, I have maintained a positive outlook. All has not been bad though - my progress at work, and on the squash court has been encouraging. Work has been a good hectic, with a lot of bugs to fix. As regards squash, I am hitting a stride similar to my peak in 2004. I blew Steve out of the court, swept Sarat away, drilled one evening for an hour, but was stopped in my tracks by Karan on Friday. It was a tough contest though, the final game score was 9-8 in his favor. No point going to the gym after a week like that, no?

Watched two silly, but funny movies last night - Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, and then Van Wilder. Call them silly, but some sequences had me in stitches. Slept in this morning, and worked all day after conjuring up an interesting brunch of scrambled eggs with spinach, sweet peas, mushrooms, and onions. Coffee at Kahili, a long session at work, and I was ready to wrap up the weekend.

Watching the Yankees pummel the Mets was the perfect way to end one week and start another. It's almost 3am right now, and though it is late, I will sleep a content man tonight. Am back in touch with all my friends, I have a working phone again, have made good progress at work, and am looking forward to elevating my fitness to a new level. Can I get to 185 at the end of next week? Can I have only 10 bugs assigned to me come this time next Sunday? Keep your fingers crossed...

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