Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unintended Consequences

Often times, your reactions come as a complete surprise to me. By "your", I mean the readers of this blog. There are times when I want a particular reaction from you, and I almost never get it. Other times, I write something, not expecting to hear a peek from anyone, and I get an email within a few days in response to my post. Hey, I am not complaining - the more often I communicate with you, the happier it makes me!

I think I have a solution to my sleeping problem, and I have narrowed it down to doing two things every night around midnight. The first is to pop my contacts out of my eyes, and the second involves making the trip from where ever I am to my bed, turning off the lights, and writing a quick blog post. Fine, the second step involves doing other things but you get the point, don't you?

Instead of going to the gym on what was a beautiful day, I chose to return home around 8, relax for a bit, and go out on a bike ride. I rode my bike for about 50 minutes, the highlight being an exhilarating patch of downhill riding on my way back home. I don't think I quite made it to Woodinville, but it was a good enough workout. The wonderful effect of riding outside was I felt refreshed, and more relaxed after the ride than I did when I first arrived from work. Curious, eh?

Worked a bit after returning back, watched a few episodes of Seinfeld (more on that timeless show at a later point), and am now ready to pass out. Good night!

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