Monday, June 11, 2007

Of Goals and Dreams

As I try to drift into sleep, the swirling thoughts in my head keep deep sleep at bay. Thoughts like these are sure to haunt my dreams, so best I type them out. A very righteous person said to me once, "...if you can't sleep, it is because your conscience isn't clear". That can't be true, because if a burdened conscience alone drove one to sleep deprivation, how does GWB ever sleep? This disruption in my sleep cycle can more likely be attributed to work; I spent most of today and a good chunk of yesterday finishing up my work assignments for the past week. Next week is going to be a very busy one with a lot of time spent ensuring that things work as advertised, but I'll take busy over idle in a heartbeat.

The past few months have whizzed by me, and the pace of work shows no sign of abating. A single night of frolic punctuates the week that is otherwise a blur of working and working out. Given the intense pace at work, I would have certainly gone mad had it not been for the Pro Club, and my nights on the town. Take last night for instance - I was stoked at the opportunity to get away from the office to celebrate Pooja's birthday at Tia Lou's. Excited enough to actually shave for the first time in five weeks!

With this change in pace at work, I have devised a new formula to keep myself energized. Work is always going to be around, so the key is to extract myself from the humdrum routine every so often, and witness, better yet, experience the vicissitudes of life, Time to wipe the goals slate clean and write a new one on there - to enjoy whatever I do, take it to the next level, screw balance and max life out! Speaking of goals, regardless of whether I meet my new goal to enjoy myself, I have inadvertently achieved another. The intent of this blog was to commemorate and celebrate notable events in my life, but it has been these quasi-postmortems that have guided me through the quagmire that is growing up. Enough of this rambling now, it's time to dream again...

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