Thursday, September 18, 2003

The birthday weekend

The dust has finally settled and I am back in my senses, a 100%. Rather than be pedantic, pathetic, prosaic and verbose, I'll state just the facts - and how I felt at every juncture this past weekend. So let me push the clock back to last Friday, the 12th of September and relate the story...

I visited the lawyer on Friday morning and he's going to help me out the rest of the way. One thing off my head. Spoke to my manager about the future and how I fit into M$'s scheme of things. So far so good. People had already begun calling since the weekend would be tough for most to get in touch with me (families, other engagements, whatever) but I couldn't meet 'em because I can't remember how little time I spent in my office. This though has become the biggest problems for me, I'm spending so little time on my seat, it's a big cause for concern - more on that in another update... But a big thanks for all who remembered and for those who didn't, you know who you are - you should be ashamed of yourselves ;)

After doing my bit at work, I duelled on the squash courts that evening but was denied victory in a close encounter. Karan was to swing by later in the evening and drive me to the party that was being thrown in honour of my birthday and the departure of Nitin to the Big Apple. I thought this like other Indian parties was not going to start before 11, so I planned my evening accordingly. Adana stopped by and gave me my present - a smart black jacket after which I got dressed and waited to be driven. To Seattle we shall go!

And what a night it was... The party had started at 9, I reached at 11:30 and by 1, I was totally smashed. 12 shots of random alcohol within an hour, no dinner and a piece of cake. The buzz was good while it lasted and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves when I made my first trip to the bathroom - what I know of the remainder of the night is through vague memories and random stories I've heard since. But to sum it up, I wasn't a pretty sight. I flirted, gave a speech without speaking and then threw up - everywhere... You'd think turning 26 would be wizening - NOT!

Hats off to Karan though, he took really good care of me that night. And his gift - my new iPod - is yet to be surpassed in thoughtfulness and sheer grandeur - he knows I am a total Apple fan boy. Honeslty, the biggest take away from this weekend was the fact that finally, I have found myself a bunch of friends that are on the same wavelength as I am - in Karan, Arun, Geni, Wes and the rest of the gang, there is reason now to have a social life!

Saturday was the real day - hung with the boys and watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico - total time-pass and highly recommended. Dinner at Geni's was fun too, she was the butt of all our jokes and this time around, Karan joined in too. Of course, the joke of the evening, even later at Chirag's house warming party, was my drinking binge and my unslightly subsequent state but oh well, as the birthday boy, it was my birth-right ;)

Sunday was the day it all sunk in - you're 26 now Manoj - you're gonna have to settle down Manoj - and then I went a shopping with Karan :) When that didn't help with the brooding, I turned to Adam and Sam's invitation to dinner, drinks and a movie to lift my spirits. The Lonnberg cinemas feature the best movie screen in town. What enriches the experience is that admission is restricted to a privileged few - the guys were really generous - we had dinner at Spazzo's (we didn't use the Prime Card though - dohhhh), drinks at Adam's and finally ended the night with the Basic - John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson - a fitting end to a great weekend. Things can only get better...

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