Thursday, September 04, 2003


I have spent a handful of hours working since proceedings began after the labour day weekend. The spark is gone, the motivation is lacking and I don't feel the intensity that drove me through the first half of this year. This has a lot to do with my review and I know I should invest my time in preparing for the interview onslaught - but I'm unable to. As I said earlier, too much is going on for me to get a grip, on anything! This isn't a new phenomenon, I've been through this before and one must wonder, I should be a professional at dealing with this now that it has happened so often - NOT. Every time is different from every other time except that the cause of void, the hole is elusive - and then, the phase passes.

Ate dinner with Tazz this evening at a relatively non-descript but pretty authentic Indian restaurant - Sahib at Redmond Town Centre. I'm going to spend the better part of this coming weekend just catching up with all the studying that is pending. I'm also going to talk to Karan and harness any resources he has at his disposal. I am kinda happy about one thing today though, I've successfully completed the chore of informing every party of the change of address, and now, I'll inform the rest of the world...

Manoj Mehta
17751 NE 90th St, Apt D-123,
Redmond WA 98052

Since Mars is at it's closest proximity to Mother Earth (and won't be this close for another 60,000 years), I decided to bite the bullet and go see what the hoo-haa surrounding the Red Planet was. There was a lecture at the U of W and the local astronomy club had set up a bunch of telescopes on campus to facilitate the viewing of the planet after the lecture. We were late for the lecture (of course) but got a glimpse of the planet. What an anti-climax, Mars looks white through the telescope :) We stood in line for 2 hours (a whole bunch of us) and saw the planet through 2 telescopes, the sneaky way the first time around and the legit way (standing in line) the second time around. Do you see a theme here, sneakiness is just not as palatable as before - earlier, the sneaky way was good enough, now I compensate for having been sneaky by being legit - what's next, only being LEGIT?

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