Tuesday, September 02, 2003

So much is happening ...

and so little time to write all about it. Ishmeet came, saw Seattle by night and left, ready to take on B school with recharged batteries and a bucket load of expectations, most his, some ours. Malakv, a friend from RPI, visited me this past weekend. Great timing for me I say, because I moved to a new apartment on Saturday - I owe him one because he helped me move in to the wee hours of the morning. But the star of the move was Karan - his insistence on arranging and organizing things over-rode our desires to go to bed after we were done with the move. He stayed up with me till 8 in the morning, by which time most of the living room, kitchen, bath-room and bed-room were all organized.

So about the new apartment - it has 9 ft ceilings and is now set to become the next P.I.M.P. house. It was interesting to note how the place got arranged - the living room got set up first with the TV and cable entertaining us while we arranged the rest of the apartment. Poor Vishal though, he was dead tired at the end of the ordeal, I did everything I could to make it up to him - bought him dinner at a swanky Mediterranean restaurant on Sunday night - best way to appease a man, buy him food ;)

Now for the random tidbits of this past week:

- We stayed up till 5:30 the night Ishmeet departed for Austin - next time I have a party at my place, I'm charging $$ for admission
- We rocked the town on Monday night at Baltic Room - the place was seriously packed and hella fun
- Indian chics at Porta on Friday night were so stuck up, it was as if they had a rod up their corn holio ;)

Writer's block precludes further creative outpourings...

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