Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Girl: My petname is Bizo
All else: Do you know what Bizo means?
Girl: OHHH yeah, Bizo means Bitch
All else: So you don't care that the guys call you "Bitch"
Girl: Oh no no, they don't call me bitch, they call me Bizo
All else: Ahh yes, the technicality...
Girl: No No, you've all got this wrong. I know what they mean when they call me Bizo
All else: So what do they mean?
Girl: How do I explain this... Hmmmm, in some context, Bitch can be a term of endearment

... tumultous uproar, insane laughter followed by uncontrollable rushing of blood in cheeks - such a tongue in cheek, sorry, foot in mouth statement!

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