Tuesday, September 09, 2003

RIAA decides it's time to punish all them swappers

12-Year-Old Sued for Music Downloading

But suing a 12 year old, that's taking it a little too far now isn't it? Sometimes I believe that stuff in the US doesn't happen in the correct spirit, like how we were once denied food at the Drive Through counter because we weren't driving a car but were walking instead. I think about India and about how people will do everything they can so that they get your business - oh well! Back to the original topic - so you like downloading songs, so you think CDs are a waste of money but are now scared that you might get sued too? There is a workaround. The RIAA is suing only those people that have a tonna songs shared out - the object at fault is the "My Shared Folder" on your computer. You can continue downloading as much as you want if you keep a lid on the size of this "My Shared Folder". Easy does it - and ofcourse, don't download a 100 songs a day, keep your bandwidth usage down to maybe 2/3 songs a day and you'll be golden... No RIAA but still, free downloads :)

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