Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The 2009 story thus far - sore, Market sucks, 24 is back!

Not just because it is difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym. It's what happens after you have made the trek to the gym that the pain begins - the machines seem to be conspiring against you, you can't will your body to go the distance you could, the weights you lift are not as heavy, and the aches and soreness - they last days. Most people take a break before returning back to the gym...

Yesterday was the first day in 2009 that I completed what I consider a workout: stairmaster - check; sprints - check; strength training - check; squash - check; wake up in the morning with sore muscles - check. The reasonable thing would be for me to take it easy today; instead, I climbed stairs at work, ran part of the way to the gym (2 and something miles), and did a killer yoga class that felt more like a massage than a yoga class, but I digress. The shower after all of this exertion was interesting - I had to sit on the bench for a few minutes before taking the "plunge" :)

I haven't been focusing on the markets for the last month primarily because the market is still too volatile. The Bush presidency is coming to an end, GM hasn't turned a corner yet, Microsoft might be laying people off, and the new season of 24 just began this weekend. Jack is back, minus the CTU this time around, but the whole show has a skunkworks feel this time around - Chloe and Buchanan are working out of a makeshift garage type office outfitted with cool gadgets; Jack doesn't have access to a never-ending array of weapons; finally, he is competing against the Goliath of Law Enforcement - the FBI. For once, Mr Bauer is the underdog, and we all love the underdog, don't we?

Time for bed...

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