Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans - Revisited

Do you remember having a conversation like this one in your life?

Friend: "You coming to Vertigo tonight for Ashish's party"
You: "I wanna, but I don't got no pants!"

Friend: "You can have mine!?"
You: "None of my legs will fit into your pants."


Friend: "Clearly, you got some pants..."

Something like this can only happen if you fly by the seat of, wait for it, your pants! Rewind back to Saturday... I was cleaning up the house, resolving EC2 tickets, and after a particularly harrowing week of oncall, I was ready for a run to get some fresh air. Right about the time I was headed out, I got a call from Shari for a game of squash. Now this was an unexpected event, and without realizing it was already 5:30 in the evening, I marched out of the house with my pager, laptop and workout bag.

The game went on for almost two hours, and by the time I walked out of the Pro Club, it was close to 9pm. Part of the delay was my incessant checking of the pager and ticket queue to ensure I didn't miss anything important, but that's just an excuse. I should know full well that a trip to the Pro Club on the weekend is rarely quick - I catch up with everyone, play squash, get a good steam in, et al.

Only problem with leaving the Pro at 9pm was that the party was on the East Side at Vertigo. I was now faced with the dilemma of driving back to Seattle, getting ready and coming back to Bellevue or heading over to Ashish's in my tracks and hoodie. Had I gone home, there would be no reason for this post...

Lucky or not, I had a pair of pants in my car boot, but they were marked for donation for a reason - the zipper didn't stay up. This fact was extremely entertaining for my friends for reasons that are unclear to me, and they insisted that I wear them pants to the party. Eventually, I let myself into Ashish's closet and picked up the first M sized shirt I laid eyes on, and he was gracious enough to loan me a pair of pants that were too loose for him. They fit me just right :( :)

Well, I can't think of a Mastercard commercial about this, so without further ado, let me show you the end result.

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