Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Is Chrysler a lost cause?

Dire news for Chrysler and for folks that bought a Dodge or a Jeep that is still under Warranty.

"'Basically they're done,' said Aaron Bragman, an auto analyst with the consulting company IHS Global Insight in Troy, Mich. 'There is no real possibility of turning this thing around as an independent company in my opinion.'
It is telling that more Corollas were sold in 2008 than all the cars sold by Chrysler. I guess the taxpayer isn't going to see the portion of the bailout money given to Chrysler, ever!

I hope someone buys the Jeep brand and continues to make the cars which became icons after World War II. If this doesn't happen, which car will the iconoclastic rebel among us drive as a statement of freedom and emancipation?

R.I.P. Chrysler.

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