Friday, January 16, 2009

The Steve Jobs health fracas

The melee in the press that followed after Steve Jobs' announcement about his health deserves rebuke from all quarters. I am glad I live a life of relative anonymity because this kind of scrutiny of my personal life is something I can't handle. As the editor of Gizmodo said so eloquently,
Writing about a man’s health, trying to figure out if he’s dying or not by talking to third-party expert doctors, checking statistics for Whipple procedure survival rates and timelines, checking in with sources who know people who know people who have heard that he’s dying—they’re all basically indecent things to do.
As regards the opinion that the Apple ship is going to sink soon, I beg to differ. Apple has great minds at work; though Steve is the public face of Apple, there are elves at work in the background that actually ensure that Steve has something phenomenal to announce every time he takes the stage. The folks that made Apple work before, will continue making it work in the future. The key for Apple is to find a creative force that continues to galvanize its employees and keeps the press salivating for future product releases.

Don't get me wrong, Steve's shoes are going to be very hard to fill, but as long as someone else fits in 90% of the way, Apple should be in good shape. Are you telling me that there isn't another Type-A, controlling, demanding, creative, visionary dictator out there? Do you think Steve hasn't groomed someone to be the heir to his throne? Wait, did I just equate Steve Jobs to a dictator? Too bad I can't attach the term perpetuous to his tag...

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