Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 44th President of the United States

Mr President, you take office in difficult circumstances. An unprecedented, global financial crisis that has diminished the confidence of the American populace, high jobless rates, and wars on multiple fronts are just a few of the problems you inherit on day 1. On the home front, you have called for investments in infrastructure - in the building of roads and bridges - which will create jobs for millions and invigorate the economy. New roads and bridges are great, but I beseech thee to invest in initiatives that let Americans meet at crossroads without having to jump into their cars to get there - in mass transit projects for instance. One can argue that American society has advanced to the point that we almost never need to interact with another American. Our quest for personal space is now our Achilles heel, and we seek solitude to our detriment.

Your election to the highest office is a testament to your ability to unite people of disparate backgrounds. Help us help ourselves - give us more reason to interact with one another, and we will find a way to prosper as one. The compassion of American citizens is unquestionable, but our insular society has helped foment hatred and split us asunder. "One swallow does not a summer make" - yet, like the rest of the World believes, I know that your Inauguration is the harbinger of a new era. Good Luck and God Speed.

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