Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Games People Play

For some reason, I'm thinking of the song "Games People Play" by Inner Circle this morning.
Oh the games people play now
ev'ry night and ev'ry day now
Never meaning what they say, yeah
never saying what they mean.

As people, we really do play games with each other, especially as our communication mechanisms become more digital. I've seen many an instance in which a person will not reply to an email or return a phone call till an appropriate amount of time has elapsed. They call it, the drawing-out game and honestly, I hate it. If there is an email in my mailbox, I'd like to reply to it as soon as I can unless I'm busy doing something else. Likewise for a missed call - I just think it is social etiquette to return a person's call (under most circumstances) but that's me. A friend of mine suffered so much through a relationship in which her boyfriend wouldn't write to her or call her for days on end. The poor girl was always insecure and wondering about what was going on, and the second guessing made made her loose weight and her mental equilibrium. But all that actually kept her in the relationship, albeit for a short time. Thankfully she's back in bidiness but that taught me a lesson - play them games my boy, don't be transparent !

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