Thursday, December 15, 2005

What Women Want

I was watching the Carson Daly show a little while ago and Dr Drew, of Loveline fame, was the guest for the night. The two started talking about the problem of alcohol, drugs and teenage sex and Carson remarked about the need for guys to drink alcohol to get some liquid courage. Dr Drew responded with a very interesting answer; he had interviewed hundreds of girls during his twenty some years of sex therapy and the one opinion that rang true through all his discussions was what led to his answer. He said that girls drink alcohol just so that they can tolerate the advances of drunken men. Or in some cases, they drink alcohol to make out with women, which attracts men and gets them attention.

I thought this was an interesting factoid when he continued to say something that I've heard time and again from Adana. He said that women are more inclined to getting turned on by an intimate conversation, in which a guy would reveal something private about himself, his thoughts and emotions than a drunken pick-up line.

Turns out, when it comes to picking up women, I know nothing...

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