Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sunday night's shenanigans

I usually start the week on an exhausted note. It's usually because I don't get a good night's sleep on Sunday - blame it on downloading the last episode of Grey's Anatomy or because of a raging metabolism after a hardcore Sunday night workout. I stopped working out on Sunday nights to eliminate one of the two reasons for my sleeplessness but I can't stop downloading and watching Sunday night's episode of G's A. Baby steps, baby steps...

I'll move the dial back to the beginning of this story - Sunday evening. After having vegetated all day, I started the evening by cleaning my place up and taking care of activities that I had avoided doing for weeks. Was about to head to the Pro Club around 7:30 but changed my mind at the last minute so I could go grab coffee with Kristin. I haven't been very bright at taking the correct exits to get to Angie and Kristin's in the past so I was surprised when I made it to their place on time and without goofing up the directions. And then I was undo by the quest to find a parking spot. Commenting on the parking situation in Seattle is beyond the scope of this entry so I'll pass. It sufficeth that it took me nearly ten minutes to find a spot and even then, I had to walk five minutes to get to my destination.

Angie and Radha were putting together a coffee table as I walked in. I watched and assisted some as the pieces were put together but in my head I was wondering, why am I still here - weren't we supposed to go get coffee. Kristin was all dressed up but she was clearly unwell and still not a 100% recovered from the triple whammy ailment that had afflicted her all of last week. It would be wrong to drag her out in this condition and brave the cold so after we helped the love birds get the stuff that needed to go to Radha's, Kristin and I returned to the couch to watch some televizzle. They say tea is the drink for aristocrats. I can't vouch for the aristocracy of the moment or situation but watching Desperate Housewives with a cup of freshly brewed tea was a warm experience. I interjected time and again with some anecdote or Chris Rock line as the episode wore down and saw a few minutes of Grey's A before heading out.

It was just after 10pm on a Sunday night and I was on the West Side. Was I gonna head home - hell no! Got in my car, called Ashley and picked her up to get some dinner. Oh, I hadn't eaten a meal all day and maybe Ash's Vegan ass wasn't the best to get dinner with but what the heck. ;) And of course, trust her to drive me to a closed place first - Toi on 4th before finally suggesting that we eat at Jai Thai on Broadway. The speed at which the two of us gobbled up the food on our plates was testament to how hungry we were. Even the cartoon of a waiter wasn't discussed during the meal; the waiter was a cartoon though, but not an anomaly given our environs - Broadway in Seattle!

The eating didn't stop after I got home. I ate 2 bowls of granola with yoghurt and felt gross as I was watching G's A. And then I was woken up at 8:30 on Monday morning by a phone call. How would this Monday turn out?

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