Thursday, May 05, 2005


- Cinco De Mayo - Another *reason* to drink
- A cigarette brand my dad used to smoke
- A very chilled out day at work.

Finishing up some work before signing off on Windows Update for the RMS Client. Got in a little late this morning because I was very tired last night. Adrian called last night and we played tennis for nearly 90 minutes in near perfect weather at the Grass Lawns Park. He is such a good player with neat groundstrokes and great agility around the court. I would have learnt simply by watching him setup and execute but he took it a step further by pointing out subtle mistakes in my technique; addressing some of them have made my shots more consistent and some rallies we played last night lasted more than 15 balls - a dramatic improvement for me.

I'm going to leave in a bit and hit the gym for a quick workout before a get together at Rutu's place. Might even head out to Sea Sound after but looks unlikely; I am pretty tired today.

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