Monday, May 09, 2005

Throwback to old times

Something that was triggered by the events of last afternoon deserves a mention. Like any story I relate, this one has a prelude, a body and an end. Here goes...

I watched The Empire Strikes Back on Saturday evening at Rutu's - the best sequel to any movie in my opinion. I woke Sunday afternoon and turned on the TV to find "Return of the Jedi" playing on Fox but there were too many ads for my impatient mind to tolerate. The Star Wars fix had to be taken care though...

Out came the laptop, the Star Wars DVD and what in my opinion made the experience - the headphone to stereo RC cable. Star Wars DVD into the Laptop's drive - check, cable connecting laptop's headphone jack to the aux input of stereo - check, popcorn in microwave - damn high protein diet. Relived all the light sabre battles, especially the one between Vader and Luke on the Death Star and enjoyed every minute of the action. I have enough anger, fear and aggression to already be on the dark side; a possible reason for why I idolize Darth Vader.

After the movie was done, I set Winamp to plays tunes at random from my library while I completed chores around the apartment. When "Is this Love" came on, I was instantly taken back to the eventful winter of 2001 and felt a void in my life like I did when I first arrived in Seattle. I stopped, sat down and reminisced as the song played out its length of 4 minutes and 42 seconds. Memories came rushing in that I had sealed in an envelope and stashed away. How naive of me to believe they were gone!!

Sat at JJJ's later that evening and did random stuff - attempted solving the Crossword and Jumble from the NY Times, had a brief chat with Ervin and drank coffee, all while it rained outside. The memories were back in their cubby hole by the time I drove down to Kirkland Avenue after dinner to hang with the boys. As I sang along with the Steaming Cats later that night, I realized that I have precious little to complain about – it's all good in the end.


  1. biatch, someone seems to have too much time on hand....:)

  2. And that someone is you Surdbird. When am I going to see pictures of the Wrestling contest :-)