Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's Monday again

I like it when I do a variety of things over a weekend, one of the things being sleeping. I'll get back to the issue around sleeping but first up tell me, have you watched the movie Crash yet? If you are in the mood for a good drama, you should definitely check the movie out - the intertwining of the lives of unrelated individuals will keep you glued to your as the plot unravels, with the stories all coming together right at the end - good entertainment. Wanna find movie information? Try google - they've really taken relevance based searching to the next level when it comes to movies currently playing in theatres. Just go to google and type the name of the movie you are interested in, for instance Crash, and you will be presented with :this: page. How cool is that?

So back to the sleep issue. I don't get enough sleep on weeknights; staying awake till late doing random stuff being one of the biggest reasons why I'm a zombie the next morning. As far tonight, I can't get sleep because I played a great game of tennis with Adrian late this evening. It has been three hours since we finished playing and I am yawning as I type this out but can't sleep without taking a shower now can I?

Work was pretty uneventful - I was in some meetings, I finalized some thoughts on a test plan template, I drank coffee - the usual. I would like to start doing some actual coding work, something I might get to do tomorrow given that I don't have too many meetings early in the day. Early in the day, damn, I won't get there before 11am. And I have continuous meetings from 12 through 6 tomorrow so basically, tomorrow is going to be a wash. :( Bogus work tends to fill the time available while real work always gets postponed to be scheduled for another day.

I had an interesting discussion this evening with our Director of Test and we're going to conduct a little experiment over the course of the next month tracking how and where I spend my time. I'll report my findings to her at the end of the month after which we will determine whether us lowest level managers are spending too much time in process related stuff when we can be better utilizing ourselves in actually testing the product. I'm excited.

Enough of my ramblings, have a great Tuesday...

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