Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend 2005

Nearly half of 2005 is over; many personality changes, new opportunities, a trip to India to see another cousin get married, talks of my impending doom aka wedding to a yet unseen woman and many movies have made this first half pretty eventful. So what has changed? For one, I fold my clothes immediately after they come out of the dryer. Big one this is, trust me. Second, I use the dish-washer to wash dishes, not dry them out after I've washed them (someone's going to feel like they deserve the credit for this one). Third, I now pick up my mail every 3 weeks not every 2 - not good, not good! I end up going to the Post Office more than to the mailbox that is 2 minutes away - this has got to end!!

About this weekend now. Slept through most of it. Watched the Yankees get trounced twice by the Red Sox and saw three movies (one more tonight, an entry in the Seattle International Film Festival). The one that definitely left a mark is Facing Windows, an Italian film with English sub-titles on the rigours of marriage and the temptation of infidelity. I was lost at the end of the movie and I wondered about the whole institution of marriage and the permanence of anything, love in particular. Here's a link to the movie - you should check it out - Facing Windows.

I'm off to watch The Journey - have a great week.

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