Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weekend ramblings...

As promised on Friday, I'd elaborate some on the happenings of the past couple of days. What better place to do this from than the table at Bauhaus with a view of the Space Needle. If you haven't heard about BauHaus and you are in the Seattle area, you gotta check it out; it's located at the intersection of Melrose Ave and Pine St on Capitol Hill.

Today has been a perfect Spring day; a balmy breeze made basking in the sun inviting enough to get me out of my bed and sit around in the lawns outside my apartment. Picked Rutu up a little after 1:30 and drove to Kirkland to meet Suri and Smita. Some coffee, some snacks and a lot of catching up and it was already past three in the afternoon. Surprisingly enough, the sun was still shining, people were still either biking or jogging or roller-blading and the sun made the water in the puget sound shimmer. I'm glad some things never change and Suri is just one of those things. He's forever smiling and always has some advice for me - this time around a lot of our conversation revolved around getting a bike license and on American Chopper.

I have a new favourite show on TV and it's called American Chopper. Yeah, I said it; the extreme masculine aggression, the intense skill involved and the very physical nature of the labour that goes into building a bike makes for great entertainment. Paul Jr. and Sr. (not to take away from Vinnie and the others) have magnetic personalities, Paul Sr. is a prima donna if you ask me, and their heated arguments, the tight deadlines and of course, the SICK bikes they build have me hooked to their TV show. More details and showtimes can be found :here:

I had no control on the fluctuations in my mood this past week. I was down for most of the week, Tuesday and Wednesday in particular and now that I look back, two reasons become apparent. The first was a definite lack of sleep, no wait, a bad sleep schedule. American Chopper airs at 2am every night and I stayed up most of the week till at least 3am to watch the show. Second, I'm sucking at tennis, especially during lessons. I've figured that I need to be good at something outside of work to keep me sane - I've quit the whole girl thing and don't play squash anymore so all my energy is focussed on getting better at tennis. My game is spiralling downwards suddenly and it's not for lack of practice. There are other forces at work here that are out of my control and it's killing me that I can't figure out why? Umm, I know I promised to not try and find out WHY but come on, this is an easy one to figure out. Maybe getting laid will help? :-) So says Amruta!

And finally, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy on Friday afternoon just didn't stoke the fires within. I took a short nap, ate a bar of chocolate, tried to laugh at the jokes but none of that left me feeling entertained. As I said earlier, the jokes were flat and the only fun moments came when the Guide said something about something or Marvin took centre-stage - that character was a rocker. Bummer eh - long on expectations but short on delivery, much like the first two Star Wars prequels. My friends seemed to really like the movie when they saw it later at night so maybe it was a timing thing. Going straight to a movie after rolling out of bed isn't that great of an idea - apparently!!!

Gonna head back to the East Side (bah) and hit the gym. Have a great week...

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