Saturday, May 21, 2005

The weekends just get better

If every Saturday were like today, I'd consider my existence to be bliss. I dropped Karan off to the airport this morning, watched some old episodes of American Chopper, ate great lunch at Karan's, and it was only 2pm - that's usually when I wake up on Saturdays. Hmm, maybe there is some merit to waking up "early" on the weekends - I can actually have a life then.

On a whim, I called Matt up and he asked me to stop by on my way home through South Seattle. Some baby-sitting, long conversations and a couple of hours later, here I am, being asked to stay for salad and wine. Am just going to roll with it today because I need to get cracking at work starting tomorrow morning. Karan has left behind a whole ton of work that I need to ramp up on and get done before our next big milestone. He conveniently is away as I struggle to get up to speed with my new assignments - true friend he is eh? :) Enough of this, I'm going to stop being anti-social and converse with everyone else...

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