Monday, May 02, 2005

Apple Beware

The OS Community in general and the Open Source community in particular is usually very harsh in its criticism of Microsoft products. The exact reason why I find this glowing review on OSNews of Longorn Build 5048 somewhat off kilter and very encouraging. Excerpts:
"I found Windows Longhorn to be by far, much more stable and fast then I had expected. My biggest fear was that I was using the bare minimum of system ram (256mb) and that I would experience a world of BSOD. It was completely opposite."
"By far the best feature I've seen in Longhorn so far is the new refined Search sans WinFS."
"Having used Longhorn for a few days now, I have to admit that Apple, needs to be worried. Longhorn doesn't even have a name yet, but it's by far the most promising thing to come out of Redmond in quite a while. With the release of build 5048 the bar has been raised, and so have my expectations of Beta 1 and beyond of this remarkable Operating System."
And things will only get better...

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