Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

This is the perfect Saturday if you ask me. Slept after reading some material on C++ last night; you read that correctly, I read :) I dreamt of some Generic implementations of Iterators, some random women and other even more random situations from work and my personal life from the past couple of days. Woke up earlier than I would on a usual Saturday but I have done NOTHING except chill! You can't do any more to make a day perfect.

Aunty made us some paranthas this morning with paneer in the filling, a deviation from her usual recipe for paranthas. We got out, drove home and were just in time for me to be present while an Internet connection was added to my apartment. In Karan's words, I felt welcomed to the 20th Century! The instant I get my Wireless Router, I'll feel welcomed into the 21st. Yippeee...

After picking Rutu from her apartment in Bellevue, we drove into Seattle to buy some cold weather head gear. The people at Feathered Friends were extremely helpful and made the purchase pretty pain-free. The purchases made, we decided to buy some fruit, wine, cheese and crackers to celebrate one of the last few summer days to grace us this year. When we left Whole Foods, we were armed with all we needed to celebrate at Rutu's. And now, I'm buzzed; wine and cheese consumed after a great Nutelle and Banana crepe while basking in the sun. Aah, the good life!

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