Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Return to... Playing Racquet Sports - I

I've started dabbling in squash again. I picked up the racquet a couple of weeks ago and tried to hit a few balls down the line on the backhand and forehand side. My shots are far from "perfect" but I don't expect them to be. I strive to play two matches a week, and hit against the wall twice a week by myself. The court sense isn't there, my feet don't know where they should plant themselves, my eyes don't know what to follow, my left arm is a nuisance and I'm not nimble like before. I've had my ass handed to me on a platter, I've lunged all around the court only to lose points, I've been virtually bitch-slapped by every opponent I've played since my return. And my hips and butt are sore for days after I'm done playing. It's a good sore though, a reminder that my body has forgotten what it is like to play this sport; testament to the fact that my muscles will awaken from their slumber and adjust to the new movements. I'm changing my stroke to put less pressure on my knees (right in particular) and I've learnt how far I can stretch my body. It's a matter of time before I can harness it's residual potential and start gliding rather than lumbering on the court; start winning rather than losing. But first things first, gotta twiddle my right big toe...

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