Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Return to... Playing Racquet Sports - II

I got back from Rutu's this evening and decided it was high time I played tennis again. I haven't been on a tennis court since I played against JD two weeks ago and though I have filled the void with squash, I needed a tennis fix. Called a couple of people and found a willing accomplice in Ken, which I thought was lucky given that this is Labour Day Weekend. I was worried about my backhand though, which has been a work in progress over the last year. It's weird how that is the first shot I completely lose when I take some time off.

We had some long rallies during the course of a 75 minute hit at Perrigo Park, leading me to believe that we might be very evenly matched. Contrary to my initial fears, the highlight for me was my backhand, which towards the end became as consistent as my forehand. We played one rally in which Ken hit six balls consecutively to my backhand, each of which I got back. When I finished the point with an almost unplayable backhand down the line, my eyes followed the path of the ball till it fit the back wall. It was an ecstatic moment because that ball had hit the sweet spot and flown off my racquet, bella bella!!

I wanted to call someone and tell them about my exploits on the court today. I didn't because I couldn't think of one person out of the nearly Hundred I have programmed on my phone who would actually "lend" me a ear and be excited for me. I'll take that back, there was one but that's a non-starter; I'd like to have shared this with her but that time has passed.

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