Thursday, September 22, 2005

Manage Stress -> Manoj Happy

As much as I've tried to not get stressed at work these days, this past week has been high stress. It is a combination of insufficient sleep, exhaustion from working out and too many things to do that has left me with no desire to get out of bed and go into work in the mornings. I must manage my stress level though, and work on increasing the duration of time for which I can execute my tasks without feeling stressed out.

As of right now, the valve is just about holding it all in. Since I feel I am close to the brink, I'm going to take my laptop to meetings so I don't get bored and am going to take a deep breath before I react to a comment. For the long term though, I'm looking for an opportunity to get out of Seattle and catch me a break from my routine. I'd like to go to a familiar place though and just vegetate; hmm, Smitha's place in Boston comes to mind . You think if I found me a girl, I'd be less antsy?

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