Monday, September 19, 2005

No week should start like this

I hung out with Geni last night and sometime during our conversation, I realized how lonely my existence was. I can't really pinpoint who said what to trigger the feeling; I just couldn't get over being all by myself when I got home. What made it even harder to deal with this new Low was the High I had been on all of last week. It's so true, when you ride a high crest, the trough is equally deep. I was so down and tired that I couldn't sleep till nearly 4am. Okay, something good came out of my being awake, I got a chance to work on the slides for the WTT presentation we gave this morning, but...

I woke up in a foul mood! Answered email from home while the throbbing in my head continued on before getting up and heading in to work. Not a good idea in hindsight; I should've called in sick because I really wasn't in any mood to indulge in constructive arguments or tolerate criticism and feedback. My patience ran very thin all day and at first I thought it was just cause I hadn't eaten 'nything all morning. Even after I ate a good lunch, the all encompassing exhaustion never left my side. When I finally walked over to Cafe 26 around 5:30 PM, I just wanted to get away and be by myself.

I decided to drive home around 6:30 even though I had a bad feeling about leaving this early. The irritating part of driving home early is I have to take the back roads because of traffic, which means lots of stops, turns and lights. I was coasting along, had avoided most of the traffic and was listening to NPR when the light on 85th St turned green. All the cars ahead of me started moving forward and suddenly, they all stopped.

My left foot had the clutch pressed in till it wouldn't go any further and my right foot pressed the brakes hard. The ABS came on, the car skidded a bit but I couldn't stop before, "BAM". Luckily, contact was made at approximately 3mph and the car in front didn't sustain any damage. The grill holder of my car got a little bonked but I pulled into the next parking lot and set things straight and avoided getting super mad at myself. What I did do though was practice stopping in such emergency situations when I got into my apartment complex. Though I can't do anything to change what happened, I have hopefully taught myself to navigate my car better under similar circumstances for the future.

Moral of the story then - trust and respect your sixth sense. More often than not, it's really clued in... And of course, don't talk to Geni :-) No really, call in sick if you must but don't go to work crabby!

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