Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Aborted attempts at posting

I've been wanting to write about so many things since I posted last Tuesday but just haven't found the motivation to actually type anything. I've had a great time since I last wrote something, played great squash matches, partied over the weekend and watched a few great shows on TV. The one department I haven't made progress in is reading over the past few days but I'm beginning to catch up!

I just got one of my favourite movies of all time on my Media Centre - Pulp Fiction. You can imagine what I've been watching as I do chores around the apartment or just hang out typing stuff on the computer. I've been wanting to write about the Mac for the past couple of days; nothing positive this time around though. I feel that the Mac OS has got a free ride when it comes to user security since it was first introduced by Apple. The growing popularity of the platform and the move to Intel has created a problem for Apple; the security of its vaunted OS is under the microscope and if initial reports are anything to go by, it isn't standing up to the scrutiny. I can't wait for more security holes to be found in the product. Praise the person who thought of investing in static code analysis tools and insist that they be run on the Windows sources. All the investments in maintaining a high quality bar of the Windows sources will pay off, I knows it!

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