Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tuesday, marginally better than Monday

The last time I typed, I ended saying that things could only get better. If today is proof enough, I have psychic powers! I didn't get much sleep last night but other than that, everything went well. I found a few bugs to file, found bugs that I might be interested in investigating, played a great squash match (my movements on court are more fluid than when I first started out in December) and am generally a little more cheerful. Exult 'o shores, and ring 'o bells...

G thinks my blog is intriguing. Aah, just the right segue into something I've started doing - shortening people's names. Kelly is Kel, Angie is G, Ambur is Ambi, Karan is Gog, Rohita is Ro, Jacqueline is Jack, Nathan is nide - I'm influenced by The Family Guy, which is why I didn't stop mentioning the names till I was annoyed!! Been watching the BBC News while typing and it's good to see the Mardi Gras parade return to New Orleans. The human spirit is indefatigable.

On to Wednesday now...

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  1. Things going well in c-at-l .. keep up the good work :) -- vm