Tuesday, February 28, 2006


This day doesn't even deserve a date, a title or any marker that it was the last Monday in February. Why? Coz it sucked.

I woke up with a migraine and sore knees. My head hurt so bad that I had to take medical action to get things in order. I was all right to go to work after an extended nap but I was set up for failure. Our offices had been moved to the third floor so it took some time to set things up like I liked them. The monitors were all over the place and the damned Microwave oven - the less I say about it the better it is. It has been in my office since I moved out of 26 and somehow I can't get rid of it. Maybe sell it on Micronews ads?

I finally got down to doing something around 5pm but it didn't last too long. Karan walked in and insisted we go get dinner; we have catered dinner all week and a steady supply of lattes through the day to keep us working like bees. Before I knew it, it was 7pm and I gave up all hopes of getting any productive work in before calling it a night. I surprised myself though by sending out a bunch of emails between 7 and 9pm that gave me some sense of accomplishment as I walked to my car to head to the Pro Club.

Squash drills for an hour were the bulk of my workout. I got back home excited to watch today's episode of 24 but what do you know - it wasn't recorded because my disk had run out of space. Given the events of the day, this wasn't such an unexpected outcome. Deleted a whole bunch of South Park episodes, fired up Firefox and found the torrent for tonight's episode. It is downloading as I type this but I'll only get to watch the episode tomorrow night, if at all. The last episode of "The IT Crowd" has got to do for tonight's entertainment.

Time to shower and get ready for bed. Peace out and have a great week. Wait, before I sign out, I just had a realization. Things can only get better after having started out this bad :)

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