Monday, February 13, 2006

Gross Cell Phone Usage in 2006

January 2006
Minutes Used: 3001
Peak Time Minutes: 648
Extra Charges: 48 minutes, $24

January 2006
Minutes Used: 3145
Peak Time Minutes: 669
Extra Charges: 69 minutes, $31

And I have received complaints from people that I am not staying in touch with them as much as I used to. 3000+ minutes on the phone not enough apparently - demanding people I tell you. The rate at which I am going though, the microwaves are going to destroy most of my brain cells making me prosaic, so I will have less to say on the phone, which will solve my problem, no? It had to come down to this, a toss up between brain cells and yakking on my cell phone. Which one do I pick, which one do I pick?

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