Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Squash Game Mirroring Real Life?

My squash game is sucking, big time! I'm losing to people I have beaten comprehensively in the past. The less I say about my fitness level, the better. Things haven't been rosy on the personal front too. There are a bunch of things on my mind these days; my future, where I will be a year from now, what I can do to be re-invigorated at work, ...

Growing up, I was told that the only constant in life was change. I've learnt of the existence of another - the constant passage of time. Darned thing about time is it neither waits for anyone nor does it leave anyone behind. In my case, the passage of time has resulted in change; I should feel blessed, right? Wrong! I have aged, I am a little wiser but definitely miss the youthful vigour of yore. The new found wisdom seems worthless though; my old questions remain unanswered as new ones pile up. And did I mention my squash game yet?

What the years have taught me is that my form on the squash court is an insight into my psychosomatic state. It has happened before, I've gotten through it and it is now happening again. Conventional wisdom points to life being like a sine wave in which ups and downs alternate. Clearly, I'm down but I also know how to get myself up again - baby steps, small changes, tiny increments. Did I hear someone say more workouts?

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  1. very profund thoughts; arent we all going through them at this point. Should I look back and see what I have missed or look forward to where I will go?