Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Mac Xperiment

Thanks to a colleague at work, I am currently in possession of the best selling and most versatile Apple notebook ever, the Titanium Powerbook G4. I started with a clean slate - when I received the machine, I wiped it clean and installed the OS afresh. Within 40 minutes, I was up and running with the latest updates (OS 10.4.4) and this is my first blog post from Safari - woohoo!

I am going to use this machine as my gateway to the internet at home. This might be a life changing experience, a make-or-break so to speak. Since I've never had a Mac before, I have always wondered what using one for day to day activities would be like. To summarize, I have coveted one for such a long time that if this doesn't rise to my inflated expectations, I'll be turned off the platform for good. The real test would be after I have overcome the initial teething troubles and transition hurdles. If I grow to like the machine and get accustomed to the quirks of the platform, I'll make the switch in toto. Already I sense a discomfort with the Mac platform because I hate using the mouse and there are some actions on a Mac that mandate mouse usage. I'll write some scripts to automate the tasks I really care about so I don't need the mouse no more. Can't think of anything else immediately but trust me, my experiences will definitely be chronicled. For the sake of research and the betterment of mankind, I must take the plunge...

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  1. Checked out your blog. Did not know you were a Noam Chomsky fan :) --Ivan D