Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bollywood Actresses

... today are total hotties, in great shape and very hip. My current favourite is Priyanka Chopra. Her sultry looks, luscious lips and lilting voice make my knees buckle. (I am sitting on my couch as I write this to avoid any accidents - :))

Hindi film actresses are often credited for their appearances in a film's song and dance sequences. That's unfortunate if you ask me because these videos are formulaic, much like hip-hop videos. The MO of a superhit song is simple; a gathering of scantily clad women gyrate their hips dance (very suggestively) to a song with catchy beats. Throw some rain showers in the mix and you've got a sure hit. Don't get me wrong here, this involves a lot of camera work, post-processing and technology to get the *desired* effect. Or is it?

Many claim that the new wave in Bollywood is tragically hip. Asha Bhonsle stated most eloquently in a recent interview, "Everything these days is technically brilliant and very hip. All that is lacking is soul."

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