Thursday, February 16, 2006

Free Form Writing - The Series

As I watch BBC World and listen to all about how the Abu Ghraib prisoners are being treated, I can't think of anything to write about from my day. A most ordinary day today was, if anything stood out it was the fact that I woke up early in the morning. Early by my standards - I was out of bed at 8:15am. I downloaded an alarm application for the Mac last night that woke me up to a lounge playlist in my iTunes folder. I must comment about the Mac platform. Though there are fewer apps for the platform, they integrate seamlessly with the OS. It's a total pleasure to use the powerbook and what makes the experience isn't the hardware, it is the software. I've been reading many reviews on the Internet about hardware specs of machines and how better hardware makes for a better user experience. Bollocks I tell you, total bollocks. Give me an inferior piece of hardware with great software that has paid attention to user's needs and I'll love it. Maybe because I'm not a hardware geek...

I made good headway in figuring out how to fix a few bugs at work today. How could I forget, I solved my first Sudoku puzzle today while eating lunch. I have found my lunch time companion now and will try to eat after the crowds recede in the cafeteria. That way, I can solve my puzzle in peace.

The thing with Free Form Writing is that it's not big on substance; the mundane details do well to fill screen estate but the words mean nothing. Prose doesn't need to be profound all the time; if anything, prosaic prose makes one appreciate finer writing. As do ordinary days; when a big day comes along, I'll know it and enjoy it!

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  1. Sudoku is addicting isnt it. I cant get through my day without solving one....