Friday, February 24, 2006

Free Form Writing - Thursday night

I can't get to bed before 3am; my mind is blank, my body is tired from having worked out but I can't sleep. It's no suprise then that I can't wake up in the morning on time for a 10am meeting. This explains my terrible form on the squash court - I am sluggish and unable to focus a 100%. It will definitely help if I stopped blogging :)

That 70s show is playing on the TV but I've seen all these episodes. The audio still cracks me up though, maybe why I like the show so much. The show I really like these days is Grey's Anatomy; if you watch the show, do you feel that it has gotten steamier over the past couple of months?

Work has been very hectic these past couple of weeks but the results have been satisfying. If you've read anything about Windows Vista, you'll know that the product is entering the final few stages of development. The months leading up to August will be spent readying the product for its release to manufacturers. Needless to say, it's going to be even more hectic but hopefully, the product's release will be a rewarding milestone!

That's it from me. I'm looking forward to a great weekend of partying - Friday night is the Hobo Hodown party at Rick's and Saturday is Bhangra Bash night. Yippee...

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