Sunday, February 05, 2006

Working Out - the Fringe Benefits

Let me tell you a little something about myself, something very few people know. I am an extremely passionate and emotional person with a very short temper. I didn't realize this but working out keeps me under control, helps me release any bottled up anger, emotion and frustration.

I saw Rang De Basanti this evening and the movie infused in me a strong sense of nationalism. I'm not a very vocally patriotic person unless my feelings are either questioned or provoked. I can't tell you which of the two reasons stirred up my feelings (maybe both did) but I was sure as hell riled up after the movie. And then, I saw an episode of Smallville, the first after Clark lost his father. And now I'm in an emotional tizzy. And, I can't work out because the gym is closed! Go see RDB; the colourful imagery, the youthful story and the throwback to the revolution will definitely stir something up inside of you.

Back to my emotional state. What does experiencing these varied and pent-up emotions add up to? A severe headache. And knowing me, I won't take any medicines to make myself any better. Hopefully, the painful times will pass...

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