Sunday, February 12, 2006

Frontline on PBS: Sex Slaves

I spent most of today catching up on recorded TV (more on why this was a stupid move is forthcoming). Some Simpsons, some That 70s show episodes and just now, I finished watching an episode of Frontline titled, Sex Slaves. As this episode ran its course, I went from being curious to being apalled at how women are conned, coerced and humiliated into joining the sex trade. This episode follows the life of women who originate in the poorest countries of Eastern Europe (Moldova, Ukraine, and the like) and are taken to Turkey to... I can't bring myself to say it.

Some of the incidents related by the women made me wonder. What can possibly provoke a man to beat up and physically molest a woman, especially one that doesn't make any demands of him? The plight of the women and what their "pimps" and "clients" did to them disgusted me. What disgusted me even more was the fact that one of the biggest traffickers of women to Turkey was, another woman.

I'm moved to the point of saying this flat out. Even if I ever thought of paying for sex (which I haven't), I'll never do it, NEVER!

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